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jeudi 25 octobre 2012

eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

Just like 'real world' stores, online stores have their individual vibes. Ours is probably best described as Corner Record Storesque. eMusic staff and members have a lot of passion and musical enthusiasm that gets shared via playlists, articles and reviews. We also add a little special sauce to the mix in the form of some sophisticated software that works behind the scenes, learning what you like and don't like and then offering up suggestions. We're fun, approachable and we make finding cool new music easy.
The eMusic catalog features more than 10 million songs ranging from legends to emerging artists. Browse the selection tab to get a feel for what we carry.
We also have over 6500 audio book titles ranging from best selling fiction to self help books.eMusic gives music fans a fantastic deal on great music, on average about half the price of Amazon or the iTunes store.
How do we do it? With membership plans that give you not only the best value, you'll also enjoy high quality MP3s and a community of music lovers ready to point you to new favorites.
Choose a plan that's right for you, starting at just $11.99 per month. You can adjust your plan to get more or fewer downloads per month at any time.
eMusic has a music recommendation engine, a thriving community and award-winning music writers all to help you make new musical discoveries.

With a trial, you get a chance to explore eMusic. If it's not for you, cancel before your trial term is up or before you use your trial credit and you won't be charged a penny. The songs are yours to keep.

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